Monday, March 18, 2013

Raisin Boat Challenge #9 Easter/Spring Project

My favorite store! I love Raisin Boat clear stamps and I may have written about that love a few times before today! :) lol I am entering these cards into their most recent challenge in hopes of winning a stamp set. I'm a happy camper and I'm feeling lucky! ;) There's a new stamp set I've got my eye on! :)

With that thought... I AM participating in Raisin Boat's #9 Easter / Spring Project challenge and... truth be told... I could write TWO posts to enter into the challenge and up my chances but classes start back up for me tomorrow so today is the last day to get to play with paper and find challenges I can participate in. I still have one more card to make... it's an Easter card and I'm gonna post that one to this challenge and The Paper Shelter's Challenge #103 - Easter. :) I've got to win something somewhere! lol ;)

First, let me tell you... my first time attempting a side step card. I've written before how things frustrate me and the waterworks start up for me... truth be told again... I tend to exaggerate! I don't really cry THAT easily. Except for one time when I missed a deadline for real with one of Raisin Boat's challenges last year... late summer... early fall sometime... but I'll tell you... this was before I was declared in remission and I was VERY emotional and lots of things made me cry. On that particular day I was having a bad one and realizing I'd missed the deadline just made me boohoo something fierce! I couldn't believe it afterwards... to this day... I doubt it really happened. ;) lol

So anyway... I did make a side step card... I don't think the directions were written correctly. I followed it to the letter! What I ended up with was a card that was practically laying down! I made some adjustments... and then some more... and finally after a few more... I got it to stand up... but I'm getting ahead of myself... let me show you the first card.

I used a Saturated Canary image called Springtime. How appropriate! ;) lol 

I'm not gonna tell you what colors I used to color this time only because I have two cards to show you and the post is already taking longer than I thought it would to write it because I have such a gift of gab! My mother tells folks that all the time... "Give that girl a quarter for information and she'll give you a dollar's worth!"... :) My mother exaggerates too! ;) lol

So here's the card...
As always... all card stock and printed paper are from my stash as is the doily and ribbon. Along the edge of her top, I lined what I interpreted to be lace with Stickles in Tropical Tangerine. I added some Robin's Nest dew drops to add some bling. I like bling! :-\ It'll be my undoing someday... I just KNOW it! ;) lol

For the second card I used a Simply B Stamps image and it is called Spring Showers Tilly

I haven't written before now but these spring cards are for my bestest IRL friend and favorite niece... I've written about them before. :) The Saturated Canary card is for my friend, Ana and this card is for my niece, Alice. :)

Here is the card:
I also used ribbon, card stock and printed paper from my stash. I added some Robin's Nest dew drops for the bling. I love Robins' Nest dew drops! lol :) I also dabbed some Stickles on the tassels on the umbrella and her earring in Firefly. The "just a note" sentiment is from The Angel Company (defunct :'( ) and the "be happy" sentiment is from Stampin' Up So Many Sayings stamp set. I am able to use sentiments on my cards now because since I spent all weekend organizing my unmounted rubber stamp collection I now know what I have and where to find it. :) 

I've been happily whittling... because that IS what it felt like... away at my scrap paper stash and getting it down to a somewhat manageable pile... until today... the nightmare of this side step card left me with this...
Ugh! I'll be forever making cards in yellow! Just like earlier this year when all my cards were powder blue while I was attempting to rid myself of all that blue card stock I had left over from the bulletin board at my previous employer's office. 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. Really cute! Thanks again for joining the challenge at Raisin Boat with you wonderful card.


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