Monday, May 6, 2013


Today, the plan was to clean my Copic markers. After dropping off Jay at work, I was gonna come home, clean the bathroom and start the laundry, sit and clean my Copic markers, take inventory and shop at for some refills and markers. Jay is generous to his mother! He gave me $50 last night to buy myself something nice. lol Copic markers are nice! :)

Well... the thing is... I cleaned my bedroom yesterday and it made quite a mess in the rest of the house. I am desperately trying to trash some of these things and my son is somewhat of a hoarder and cannot be home when I am trashing otherwise he'll retrieve them. These aren't things I can easily slip into a trash bag either. I'll show you:
Plastic bins! The thing is... I started all of this! We moved into this house on September 1st. I thought we could stick them under tables and beds until needed. Well... eight months have gone by and we've not had reason to use them. Jay wants to save them in case we need them one day. :-\ I created a MONSTER! :) lol

I cleaned my room because these bins were in the closet and interfering with getting things in and out of the closet. Now look at all the space I have! :)
I'm gonna go get me something to put my shoes on. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this... but this is only one of my clothes closets. Here's the other one:
This closet is in the craft room and mostly used for storage. These are mostly clothing that I've been hoarding because... someday... I'll fit into them again! :-\ I tried getting rid of them... I really did. I use to have BOTH of these closets PACKED with clothing. The effort I made can be seen because half of this closet is empty and the closet above is pretty empty as well. I'll admit... once the laundry is done... ALL the clothes could probably fit into one closet and we'd have an entire closet empty for storage but... I watched episodes of Hoarders Saturday and Sunday. Some of these shows were about people dealing with a person unable to rid themselves of things that a deceased loved one left behind. Well, I do not jest when I tell you Jay is a hoarder. I don't want Nina to be put into the position of someday calling the show to come help him. :-\ Seriously!

So I decided to get rid of the stuff we had stored in here because again... the stuff has been in there for EIGHT months and not once have we needed to use any of it. This is what was in there:

So while Jay is at work, I'm packing things to take to Goodwill, trashing what cannot and hope the dump truck comes by. I'm not sure what day it normally comes. I just hope it comes before Jay has to throw out the trash. I think I might be having to toss all the trash for this entire week. lol I'm NOT risking it! I found some family portraits I had forgotten about and a couple of bedspreads. I should probably gift these as well. But these belonged to my mother... and I AM the one having a hard time ridding myself of these. Actually, I'd like to offer these to family members before I drop them off at Goodwill. I have childhood memories of seeing these bedspreads on family beds. There may be someone who'd want to keep them and use them. I hope they get used. I think it's sinful to just keep something in a closet! I'm very sinful. :'( 
Except for the comforter in the plastic bag. That's a comforter set I purchased for my bedroom a couple of years ago. I used it once and have not used it since. It's satiny... and slides off the bed easily... and I'm not sure why I even bought it. The color does not say "Ema"... NOT at all! :) lol I'll be taking it to Goodwill... as anything else that might be salvageable. 

I wish I'd taken a picture of my clean bedroom before I started with all this. Because as it always is when one gets to cleaning and sorting, I found things that didn't belong in one room. Since I didn't want to stop what I was doing in order to find the right place for it... I kinda started piling things here and there. :-\
Smaller things managed to work themselves to a more appropriate spot... ;) lol

A part of me wishes I hadn't started this... I see it as a HUGE project... but another part of me is excited at the possibility of having space! :) I'll take after pics and share these too. I'm sure it will look prettier and all! lol ;) I am hoping I can finish soon too! I want to play with my Copic markers for a bit! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. You will be happy when you finish cleaning and see a lot open space. But remember try not fill it up again. I'm such a hoarder in my closet I throw things in the closet or doors. I sure hate cleaning them out. That reminds the front closet needs to be cleaned it has stuff in there that it almost touches the ceiling.


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