Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm a Professional! :)

Today was spent running errands... mailing packages to the girls in the FB group who participate in the swap... filling the truck up with gasoline... it was only $60 today! Woohoo! :) Picked up dog food, an auto water bowl and a new dress for Fish! I cannot wait to bathe and dress her in it. It's lilac with a big white bow and it's a SUNDRESS! Sorry, didn't mean to yell but I am pretty excited about it! lol ;) Strolled the mall for a bit... hadn't been there in like forever! Gosh... it has to have been a good year or maybe even two. 8-O Picked up two new prescriptions... I'm exhibiting some symptoms that are freaking me out. These were NOT freaking me out when I called the doctor... it's when HE appeared worried that I got freaked out! I'm scheduled for yet ANOTHER EKG... had some blood drawn today and results won't be in till next week. :-\ Went by our LSS. Bought some Stickles... :) ... I needed something to make myself feel better after talking to the MD. 

Oh, before I forget... let me tell you what makes me a professional.
I'm needing a page to start listing my own color combos! lol Also, I'm fixing to outgrow my Copic storage... 
I just bought this container last week! It's from the kitchen aisle. I think it's meant to hold sponges and brushes... cleaning products... stuff like that. I thought it would get the job done and I. Was. Right. :) I received $100 for Mother's Day from both of my adult children... I've already placed an order with for 14 new Ciao markers and two refills. I'll be placing a second order probably Friday for another 15ish. I'm a happy camper! My kids told me to buy myself something nice. What could be nicer than adding to my Copic obsession? ;) lol

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. I hope you are okay. I pray its not bad news but happy news. Big hug my new scrappy friend.

  2. I love reading your posts!
    I like your page to keep track of your hair combos. I want to do this when i get a new printer.

    i hope all goes well with your health stuff. i worry about you!


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