Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello Blogger world! I'm sitting here contemplating my next move. I'm writing this here because it is safe for me to share across the miles to no one in particular. I have to tell someone about my thoughts. I just found a lump under my left arm. It's not in the armpit. It's over the rib cage. It's not painful but it's very firm. I actually felt it back in March and I brought it to my oncologist's attention and he said he thought it was probably a pulled muscle. :-\ I don't think a pulled muscle should get bigger. That's just my thought about that. I also kinda think I should be a little more freaked out than I am right about now but then again... nothing really bad ever happens to me. I've always believed that. The thought has gotten me through life somehow... not entirely in one piece... but it got me through whatever I was facing at the moment.

Till later... I hope! :)


  1. Why didn't you tell me? I'm scared for you take care of it make a big issue so the Dr. will check it out. My friend I'm always here for you for the good and bad nothing will push me away. hugs now I'm worried will be calling u later for sure

  2. Awww please go to the doctor as soon as possible - its probally nothing but still needs looking at to ease your mind

    Take care x

  3. Thank you friends! I am getting it checked out. Waiting on some test results. More than likely tied to the Sprycel I take to keep me in remission from leukemia. Will post an update when I know more! :)


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