Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deliriously Happy!

I'm not sure what happened... but I am feeling deliriously happy today! I'm almost giddy and giggling to myself! lol ;) I haven't felt this happy in a wicked long time. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like.

Instead of laying on the couch watching TV, I spent the day in my craft room putting some cards together. I actually had plans to put these together at my new friend's house. I've written about her before today... Maria. We planned to crop together last night but I'd forgotten that on Tuesday night, my truck's headlights were not working and for whatever reason, I did not remember until I got over there. Talk about disappointing! I was so let down. But... she's younger than me and more tech savvy so she showed me how to TinyChat! How exciting! So I drove home as it was getting dark and to my dismay... the lights came on! :-\ So anyway... we got to TinyChat on Facebook and cropped together anyway. We stayed up until 1 AM! I didn't have my craft room set up to work in front of the computer but I fixed that today. So she cropped and I colored... again. :) I've got so many images colored I could make a different card every day for about two months! lol 

Today I focused on putting these cards together. I started these months ago! Right before Easter I'd finally got around to making my first easel card and went a little crazy. I kinda had these put together but not all the way completed. Today, I completed them and I have to say... gosh darn it... they sure are pretty! :) lol

This is one of the cards:
This is a Mo's Digital Pencil image called Cherry. I colored the image with my beloved Copic markers. The card stock, printed paper, brads and cherry embellishment are from my stash. The sentiment is from an unknown clear stamp set. The shape of the card is from Spellbinders' Lacey Square die.

I was struck with the INSANE idea of photographing the card above a bed of rhinestones. Sure does make for a pretty backdrop, wouldn't you agree? lol It was a terrifying photo shoot. With every movement, rhinestones rolled! Then... I hadn't thought the whole idea through... I had to put the rhinestones back in the jar. :-\ All I can do is repeat myself... It. Was. Terrifying!

Coincidentally, Mo's Digital Challenge (MDP) is having Challenge #188 - Children of ALL Ages. That's right! Children can play along with this challenge! How awesome is that? Wish I had nieces or nephews that were allowed to visit me so I could encourage them to color an image and we could submit it to the challenge. Fortunately, adults are able to enter so long as they use a children's image. Crazy isn't it? My image is a children's image! What incredible luck! :) Yay! lol I discovered the challenge while looking for the link to MDP and the image! So it IS incredible luck! :)

I finished a second card as well; however, I'm unable to show it because I have a crazy iPhone 4 that I dislike VERY much. My pictures don't automatically upload to Google like they did with the Razor I had. They will download to Facebook but only when the phone is good and ready to do so. :-\ So I guess I'll be posting that one tomorrow if it ever shows up. 

In the mean time... wouldn't you agree that the card came out really pretty! :) lol 

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Hi Ema! Oh...I'm so glad you found Mo's Challenge! What a cute card...and you did it while you were on "Tiny Chat" with your friend? I'm not sure what TinyChat is...but I do lots of crafting on Skype with my sweet friend and DT sister, Debbie (who lives in NY) ...I'm in Virginia! I also craft with my dear friend Paola, who lives in South Africa! Technology is so cool when it works!! I love your coloring...and the rich colors you used!Thanks so much for joining us for this week's "Children" challenge at Mo's! Hugs. Pat Frank

  2. So very cute. This image is adorable and your card is too. Lovely work. Cheers, Holley

  3. Ema, your easle card is so cute and beautifully colored. Thanks for playing the Mo's Challenge this week.


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