Sunday, June 9, 2013

life IS good

Wouldn't you agree? 

I've felt sorry for myself a lot these past few days. If it's not one thing it's another. Leukemia... the gift that keeps on giving. Aren't I the lucky one?!? I'm only human and remaining upbeat and optimistic is sometimes just a bit much. 

I really have nothing to complain about...

I wake up every morning glad to be alive.
I have two children who are employed and self-sufficient.
I have a son who takes care of and looks after me when I can't.
My 93 year old mother is still with us. Praise God!
I am buying my own home... without working! lol Jay and I are.
I have a vehicle to take me where I need to go. Maybe it is falling apart... but it still turns on for now.
Utilities are paid and there are groceries in the refrigerator.
I have a washer and dryer to keep my clothes clean.
I have all I need to keep my home clean and comfortable.
I have more than one pair of shoes.
I do not need assistance with daily living.
I have friends.

What more could I possible ask for? :)

Oh, I have a horribly addictive hobby and plenty of supplies! ;) lol Here's proof:
Look at the enormous pile of rhinestones the card sits on! I used a Mo's Digital Pencil image called Kissy... one digital image from a selection of... I'd have to say easily... when you add in the freebies... 1,000 I have on my computer, a flash drive and a THIRD backup file. When it comes to digital images... there can never be too many backups. :) The card gets its shape from a Spellbinders' Lacey Squares die. These aren't free! :-\ The ribbon is from a HUGE collection of ribbons. The printed paper and card stock are from massive amounts of a 12X12, 8X8, 6X6 card stock and paper collections and scraps. The rhinestones on her crown, small flowers and doily are also from a huge collection of supplies. I call these collections because I've had these for years! The sentiment is from an unknown stamp set because I have so many stamps I cannot remember where each and every one comes from. Finally, the image is colored with Copic markers. I do have a collection of Ciaos and Sketches markers. Either way you look and count these, they are pricey! 

So you see... I have nothing to complain about. :) 

life IS good

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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