Sunday, July 28, 2013


Sorry! Didn't mean to scream but isn't a cash prize something we SHOULD scream about!?! It is in my book!

No, that's not a typo... Sherri Baldy is offering a $100 Cash Prize for her Besties of Oz Challenge. Gosh! I almost screamed again! lol ;) There's actually FIVE prizes but needless to say... I want the CASH PRIZE! Sorry! There I go screaming again! :(

Not only are there five prizes being offered, there are the cutest images to play with! I had the hardest time picking out three! But there's a bunch to pick from and you can find them all here.

I haven't checked to see how many times we're allowed to enter but I've been hankering for a Halloween card so I used Not So Wicked Wendy for my card. I had a blast with the card! Let me show you!

Here's my card:
Isn't she fabulous?!? Yes she is! lol ;) All supplies are from my stash. The spiders are from a Martha Stewart spider punch someone sent me in a secret sister swap. I dusted black flock on them to make them look real, hairy and scary. I also added two black beads to give them beady eyes. lol ;) Isn't she brave? Standing there so still like if there aren't two spiders creeping up on her! ;) lol I had the hardest time making her skin look even but then I remembered she's a witch and witches shouldn't have even skin tones. :) lol I colored the image with my Copic markers, of course! ;) Three of the flowers are a gift from my friend, Maria and I made the other four. I added Stickles in Yellow and Diamonds to make them shimmer.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like my card. :) Come join the challenge if you get a chance. There are some fabulous entries to admire if you're not up for the challenge. :)

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