Saturday, July 27, 2013

Carpenter Jane

Good morning blogging world! :) I've been a busy beaver this morning and let me tell you why. 

I've been attending crops with my new friend, Maria. She opened up a new world to me! I've always wanted to attend one but had not ever been afforded the opportunity. Had she not found me, I'd still be living under a rock! 

First time we went to a crop, I did not know what to expect so I took only my beloved Copic markers and a heap of images to color... and color I did! It was a ten hour crop! :) I still get giddy remembering the day! lol 

Since then, I've got four notches total for "official" crops. I've been to Maria's house once to crop and she's been to my house once to crop... these are not official... just two pals hanging out playing with paper. ;) lol 

Let me tell you... I've learned to pack for a crop! :) I'm just so pleased with myself! lol I say this because in the past, I'd take everything but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes. Second crop, I forgot my card bases. Third crop, I forgot some embellishments, chalks and specific paper I planned to use. Last night was my fourth crop and... I got it right on the money! :) At first, I couldn't find my colored images so a brief moment of panic set in while I looked, but eventually I found them in one of the FOUR bags I carried with me. I left my Copic markers behind and I felt naked without them, but as I wrote when I first started... I have LOTS of colored images prepared. :)

Last night was ALL about putting my colored images to paper... and mind you... I've got way more images to put to paper! So I did put three images to card bases I've been wanting to play with for a couple of weeks. I've shown two of them already and I'll have to admit... I wasn't very fair about it either. I kinda whipped through them so I could get to this one because I was just so darned pleased with how this card came out. 

I've been spending time of late making masculine cards and NOT being afraid. :) NOT an easy feat by the way! I may as well be flying through the air like a trapeze artist without a net! Yes! That's how frightening and challenging it is for me... but as with any challenges in life, I grabbed on to it and FORCED myself to become comfortable with it. I think I can say that day has come. :)

One thing I like about making masculine cards, I feel I can add lots and lots of texture... and I have to admit... I go heavy with the metal embellishments. :) Yay! Finally using that long hoarded stash!

So here's Carpenter Jane from Tiddly Inks. They are having a Design Team Call. I've pulled on my big girl panties, am jumping in with both feet and submitting my card for the call. My long-time friends from Facebook encouraged me to apply. One of them, Terry from Oklahoma, threatened to waddle down here to Texas and smack me if I didn't try. :-\ I almost didn't just so I could see that! lol I wouldda HAD to take pictures and share these with you! :-D lol

So here's my card:
All supplies are from my stash. I'm afraid I've been a hoarder for a wicked long time. :( I'm determined to use all my stash before end of year! I. Mean. That! :) The paper is newer. I received that at my very first crop! I was so gosh darn excited to learn, not only did I get to hang out with other lovely ladies playing with paper... I could also receive free product if a slip of paper with my name on it got picked from a bucket! Can you believe it? I've not ever felt such a thrill when having my name called! lol

So the paper is from Moxxie Western Round Up collection and I colored the images with Copic markers but I already told you that! :) lol

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading about my new adventure of cropping and viewing this card because like I wrote earlier, I'm just so pleased with how it came out. I'd hate to think I was the only one! ;) lol

I hope you'll leave a comment so I'll know you were here! :)

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