Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tom the Turtle

I found a blog with an artist who is generous with her images. I signed up and waited patiently to see what I'd receive. I was thrilled to receive an adorable, fun turtle image. 

My day started out pretty good until I had to speak with someone in customer service. People... I am of a dying breed! When I had a customer speak to me, I remembered they had a choice who they did business with and treated them with respect. Until they turned nasty, I'd give them the choice to calm down or call back. If they chose to not calm down, I'd say good bye and hang up. End of story. :-\ Anyways... that's NOT the type of customer service I received today. It was frustrating and the CSR was belittling. All because I had a few questions about my bill. I'm not ashamed to tell you... she made me cry. I didn't once speak to her in anger. I simply responded I would have to call back later and hung up. It's hard to do, sometimes, people! I'd like to react very badly, I can get so frustrated sometimes. But I did not. Instead, I spent the morning licking my wounds. Determined not to let it spoil my entire day.

In an effort to save the day, I decided to color an image and make a card. The first image I came across was my Tom the Turtle freebie from Gerda Steiner Designs. You can find other cute images here.

Here is my card:
Isn't this a cute, happy image? I made it for a special grand nephew or niece. I'm not ruining the surprise! :) It cheered me up and I forgot all about the horrible CSR. I added a fabric ribbon and button I'd been hoarding since forever! The clouds are cutout from a cloud embossing folder and I drew in the faces to smile along with cheerful Tom Turtle. :) I edged the clouds with a blue Colorbox ink pad. I colored the image with Copic markers. I mounted all of this on card stock and printed paper from my stash.

Hope this put a smile on your face! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ema, I am most distraught to find that someone would make you cry, I hate talking on the phone to Customer Service, thankfully all bills are in my hubby's name, so he deals with all that, I love your card my lovely, such a cute wee image, love and hugs hun xxx



    Please send me an email with your choice of three digital stamps from my gerdas doodles etsy store.

    Hope to hear from you, too!



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