Monday, October 14, 2013

All That Stickles Halloween Linky Party

You know, my intention was to have 31 days of Halloween. That's not true. My original intention was to write one post daily. I've had this blog for about six years now and I've terribly disappointed myself. Last time I looked, I think I had about 300+ posts. That's not a post per day for six years. :-\ So for 2013, my intention was to post daily. Well, that's not worked out to well either. So, I decided to cut off less to chew and decided to have 31 days of Halloween. That's not true either. I was gonna have 30 days of going back to school but that didn't work out either. You'd think I'd just go ahead and throw in the towel by now huh? Well, I've written many times before, my momma didn't raise no quitter! So I'm aiming for 31 days of Halloween, followed by 30 days of fall/Thanksgiving and finishing it out with 31 days of Christmas. What can I tell you? I'm somewhat of an ambitious gal, too! lol Anyway, I've been called back to work and I start tomorrow night. I work graveyard shift and that so badly interferes with staying up all night crafting! Can you believe it? Almost made me want to say "No, thank you!" when I was asked if I wanted to come back for the cotton season. Thing is, I am the one with the big mouth and asked to work during cotton season back in August when the sand deal wasn't working out. So I've no one to blame but myself! Ugh! Anyway, I've already posted TWICE today! Here I am a third time ... and I'm thinking ... before end of day, I may be back with another! *GASP!* Yes! 

So this card is for All That Stickles (ATS) Halloween Linky PartyYou can see challenge badge hereI'm gonna kinda guess at the theme ... using Stickles and Halloween-themed. I don't know what it is about the linky page at ATS, but it won't completely load for me. It'll pull up and then it just thinks about it and thinks about it and, usually, I can be patient and busy myself until it finishes loading but I'm in a bit of a time crunch today. 

So, here's my card:
This image is from Sassy Studio Designs and called Honey Witch, I think. If I could, I'd look for the image but if memory serves me right they don't have direct links to images and then finding images has no rhyme or reason... and did I mention... I've a bit of a time crunch tonight? I hate to leave you hanging like that. :( So sorry! All paper supplies, plastic doodads, foam sentiment and acrylic border are from my stash. I've colored the image using Copic markers. The tangerine silk ribbon is from Raisin Boat. Of course, I've used Stickles in Star Dust on the "Happy Halloween" foam cut out and on the webs on her witch's hat. I sure hope I got the theme right! :)

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Really awesome card! Good luck with all your endeavours!!! ;o) you are putting lots on your shoulders...

  2. I think you are going for 31 cards in a day, Ema, LOL...beautiful card, as always xxx

  3. Your witch is awesome especially with those stickles. :) Your card loaded up very nicely by the way, sorry it was frustratingly slow at your end though :(. thanks for linking up to All That Stickles. Sorry to hear your crafting time is beingtaken over by work work, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and craft supplies are not cheap!


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