Monday, November 25, 2013

Gingerbread Release at Beccy's Place

Here I am with my final post as a GD for Beccy's Place. What a bittersweet post. I'm saddened that it's my last but I've had such fun with the sets I've used and I especially liked this one!

I immediately remembered a project I've had in mind for years and I thought this set fit the project perfectly!

Here's my thought on that:
A closer look from the front:
A closer look at the images:

One word... seriously... one word... SWEET! :) 

Winter holidays are the only time of year my Hershey joins me in the kitchen. She needs recipes as did I when I was a younger cook. We usually prop up the recipe cards here and there and almost always lose our placement but not this year! 

I've seen this project years ago but kept putting it off. When I saw the Gingerbread Set I received from Beccy Muir, I knew exactly what to make with it. 

I made the mistake of putting off painting the cookie sheet till the last minute and then we had a cold front come in. That sidelined the painting idea really fast. So I did my next favorite thing to do. I Mod Podged. :) lol I used tissue paper because I thought it would make more of a snowing looking background. What a nightmare! It sticks REALLY well! But as I've often written, my momma didn't raise no quitter so I kept at it until I got it done. :)

Trying to photograph the project was a nightmare in of itself. I used matte Mod Podge but I could NOT keep it from having a glossy look to it every which way I photographed it! I was about to toss in the towel and print up the images and make a card. I make cards so much better! ;) Hershey and some of her girlfriends arrived and squealed and oohed and aahed the project, I had to keep it. She actually took it home with her! I didn't have the heart to tell her I meant to use it here when we cook our Thanksgiving dinner. We don't really do Christmas. Long story!

So this is how I put my project together:
Copic markers to color the images
Organza white frilly ribbon from Hobby Lobby
Rhinestone tape from Michael's Craft Store
Silk red ribbon from Raisin Boat
Tissue paper and Mod Podge and lots of it! ;)
Unknown gingerbread buttons 

I'd like to "Show It Off" at Create with TLC's Show It Off Sunday! I list all my badges in alphabetical order here

I sure do hope you will hop on over to Beccy's Place and see what the other girls made with the set! I'm sure there's GOBS of ideas you will see that may inspire you to run out and get your own set. I am actually printing some images off again to make those cards I thought of doing earlier. I want to use non-traditional colors, like pink and turquoise. I've a hankering for these colors. ;) lol

Thanks for stopping by! 

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