Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Posts

OK, so last year, my plan failed miserably... again! I read these other bloggers who post a project every single day and think to myself, "HOW do they do it? Discipline? Creativity? Time? Money? WHAT do they have that I don't have?" Then, I remembered, yup! I don't have any of those... haha... but the time... and maybe just a wee bit of the creativity. ;) lol

I've had a really hard 2013. Yes, I was declared in remission on September 19, 2012 but what good did that do me in 2013!?! The chemo drug I was taking in 2012 messed with my heart and so I had to get off that chemo and start a new one. The three weeks I went without any chemo were the best three weeks of 2013! Made me realize, the fatigue, headaches and muscles aches were NOT just because I had CML! I felt badly because of the SIDE EFFECTS! So, I started a new chemo drug in June. This one had even more troublesome side effects. My oncologist has been telling me since then, it will get better. My body has to get used to the medication. Ha! I've spent the last year of 2013 having a fantastic pity party and done everything I could to keep from inviting everyone I know! 

So... I had a few things interfere with my planned 365 posts of 2013. But, I've often written, my momma didn't raise no quitter! So here I am on January 3rd with the third post I've written in 2014! I'm off to an excellent start! ;) lol

It's not that I didn't make a heap of cards in 2013. Because, trust me on this one, I did! I was curious to know exactly how many. So I counted. I took inventory of the cards I have on hand. These alone number at 221... and that's if they are all in the same place. Sometimes, I forget to add them to the stash after I photograph them and I didn't really have a look around. Then I went and looked back on the cards I gifted and sold and these number at 102. If I include items I altered, there were seven items. Then I participated in a swap online. I host an ABC swap with some "imaginary" friends in a private group in Facebook. I've sent out on average about six cards in each swap. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We took a summer break, but we did swap for nine months. So I think maybe in total about 36 cards, give or take a couple but I really think I'm being conservative here. Then I had pen pals I swapped cards with... three pen pals at an average of about a card a month... so we're talking another 36 cards, conservatively. Now... some of these I did blog about... but not Every. Single. One. I didn't include the 10+ cards sitting on my desk waiting to be completed. These have been put together with maybe missing some embellishments or sentiments. But I did not include these in the count. As I look back over my crafty year, if I had blogged about each and every one of these cards or projects... I could have easily met my goal. Ssooo... it turns out... maybe it was the DISCIPLINE I lacked! *blush* Again... not to rehash my health issues... maybe I should have pushed myself harder to follow through. But then again, here I am pushing myself to finish writing this post. :-\ It's a lot easier to write that than to actually follow through on it. 

Oh, by the way, I did write 258 posts... I didn't include the ones I've written on the Fitztown Challenge Blog (FCB)... and there were a few I'd written for another challenge blog but I didn't count those... but if I had included the ones from FCB, that would have been about another 75. Nonetheless, I was short 107. I. Could. Have. Made. It!

So I'm gonna try this again... HA! :) I'm a glutton for punishment! I just love it! ;) lol 

My goal was just to post something each and every day. So it's just a matter of pushing myself a little harder this year... I think I can do it! This is the year I am overcoming all the side effects from the chemo I'm on currently. I. Will. Do. It! I! WILL! 

So with all that written, storage has become a HUGE issue for me. Here's how I'm storing my cards... but if I plan to repeat the process this year... something MUST be done! :-\ This won't work much longer!
Any ideas? :)

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. What a lofty goal girl! I don't think people realize just how long it takes to write up a post along with a project. I think you should post what makes you happy. I do hope this year brings you better health!

  2. Ema, this was such a heart warming story to read. You are one strong, courageous and dedicated lady. You are truly an inspiration xxx I wish you all the success with the resolutions you have and I know you will succeed far beyond the goals you have set yourself, you are already succeeding on the inward battle you xx
    Lots of caring hugs Desíre {Doing Life}


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