Saturday, January 4, 2014

Challenge #215 - Anything Goes

Who loves Mo Manning images? Me! lol Actually, I have many, many favorites but in reviewing my process of wanting to post a project every day this year, I had to make some tough choices. 

First, no more weekly challenges. Too stressful! Unless it's one for a company I love... or I blog for already... and I do for a couple! ;) Second, well come to think of it there is no second. Unless you count the challenges that are for every two weeks. Those I may still do but again, only if it's for companies I love! :) I love a whole bunch too so that may turn out to be a problem anyway but we shall wait and see.

So here's my first official project for 2014. This is for Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge #215 - Anything Goes with a Mo image. I've got that covered! :)

Here's my card:
I used this image, Full Heart, on my sisters' cards last year for Sisters Week. I want to show these to you but... and to be perfectly honest, I'm quite horrified about this...I did not blog them!! But if you read my 365 Posts, you'll believe I was quite capable of that! :-\ They were WICKED AWESOME too! ;) lol Anyway... I absolutely love, love, love the sentiment and little girl! Absolutely adorable! I colored the image with Copic markers. The silk tangerine ribbon is from Raisin Boat. I love these ribbons! Love. Them! The rest of the supplies are from my long hoarded stash. 2014 is the year I am ridding myself of this stash! Ha! You laugh but I. Mean. It! I'll tell you how later! :) 

I am a follower of this blog and I list my badges in alphabetical order here.

OK, OK, I'll tell you now. ;) lol I do this every year with my clothes. It hasn't worked out as well as I'd like it to but that's a different story for another day. :-\ I have this insane idea though... it will work for the long hoarded stash because I desperately want to buy new stuff and I won't... I can't... until I've made a sizable dent into the current stash. I don't want to buy new clothes... I just want to fit into them again... see... totally different story! ;) lol So, what I do with the clothes, I turn the hangers around in my closet and as I wear, wash and hang these again, I turn them the correct way. At three month intervals, whatever did not get worn, hence turned around, goes into a second storage closet. Because... someday... *sigh* So, the concept with the stash is that I've put lots of stuff I don't use... and I cannot make myself get rid of... into these plastic storage units I have been trying to throw away for the past year but what if... :-\ ... anyway... you know what I'm talking about. The Rubber Maid storage drawers I see shown in every single craftroom online. Yeah, I have those too. So, the things I've had since 2006 are all in there. If I don't use these by March... I'm donating them... REALLY! I! AM! Why are you laughing? ;) lol

So these are my ambitious plans for 2014! Post something every single day on THIS blog... and use or gift my long-hoarded stash. I. Mean. It! :)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the bright colors on this card, really made me grin during these cold winter months. Thanks for playing along with us at Mo's DP challenge!


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