Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh, I'm in a Hurry to Get Things Done

"Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun. All I really gotta do is live and die. But I'm in a hurry and don't know why." Alabama
Got the song stuck in my head now that I had that thought. :)
I made this card on Saturday when I was still feeling full of gusto and thought I had lots of time to get things done. Well, Sunday came around and I really started feeling the effects of the chemo again. I was super tired and couldn't drag my butt out of bed! :( I did manage to muster up enough energy to get out of bed long enough to work up a homemade pepperoni pizza for Jay. It's the least I can do considering all he does for his mother! :) Then yesterday, I realized, April 1st is next week! My brother, Jimmy... he's the one who was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer back in May 2013... will be moving in with us. He's unable to work anymore and Jay suggested to me, maybe he'd like to come stay with us for awhile. :) I have a good son. It's not enough he's supporting me while I am unable to work... he thought of his uncle in the same boat. I'm truly blessed with one loving child. :) Anyway, I spent the day getting the spare bedroom emptied out and ready for move in day. Then I cleaned the kitchen a little bit. There was the leftover drama from cooking up a pizza from scratch Sunday. :-\ Let me tell you... making a pizza from scratch... it's NO easy task... it's hard work... and it's MESSY! :( I had good intentions to clean the bathroom, do some laundry... and when I write laundry... it's a big deal for me... I line dry our wash. The dryer had been making an occasional weird sound since we moved into our home in September 2012 and it's gotten really bad in the last couple of weeks... AND I want to contribute to saving some money as well since I cannot help with the bills... so when I say I'm doing laundry... it's not a small feat... :-\ Then, I'd hoped to be able to blog and color some more yesterday as well... but while cleaning the kitchen, I got the bright idea to bake a cake from scratch... and that was the end of my productive Monday. :) So here I am today... rushing to get this card I made up on Saturday into this challenge before the cut off. *SIGH* My never ending quest to win a The Paper Shelter (TPS) challenge. :-\ By the way, the cake was awesome! :) Moist and delicious and didn't need the homemade frosting I BELIEVED I could also make. lol ;)
So this is for the current Challenge #150 - More Than 5 Flowers. I used a ribbon made of flowers. I hope that counts. I thought of adding more flowers... but it already looks pretty busy. Also, when I add flowers to these cards, I cannot get it into the envelope a second time. It's a special fold card and ends up pretty thick. I've made this card a few times... you can see each and every one here, here and here. Actually, there are a couple more but I couldn't find them. :-\ I used a tutorial from Whiff of Joy and you can see it here. Each time I've gifted the card, when the recipient attempted to put the card back into the envelope, the envelope tore. :-\ Go figure! So anyway, here's my card:
Here's a second shot:
It's like no matter what I did, I couldn't get the card to photograph straight. After the 15th photo, I realized, it's cause the card is trying to pop open. I guess I should have untied the ribbon and allowed it to be open. It certainly would show all the folds and explain why it's a crooked photo. I just couldn't get myself to untie that bow. I struggle with bows. BIG TIME. :-\
Anyway, this image is a newer image from TPS called Stylish Flirting. I've fussy cut the image and highlighted her as if she's floating down the stairs while he's looking up at her. :) lol It's for a great-niece's first prom. I thought he looked like he was in awe of being with her and I'd like for my great-niece to always feel like a prom queen and that's what I wrote on the inside. :) I don't know why I'm trying so hard to win a TPS challenge. Since the release of this image, there have been 13 more and I've purchased six of them! I think I have three more in my shopping cart waiting till Friday when Jay gets paid and hoping he'll give me an allowance. Not sure about that. I've been approved to be seen at a health clinic and the co-pay is $10. We hadn't had that payment before now. Ssooo... I'm thinking the belt is gonna get just a bit tighter. :( So I guess there IS some urgency to me winning the challenge now! ;) lol 
Anyway, back to my story, all the supplies used to create this card are from my stash. I used Copic markers to color the image. The silk black ribbon is from Raisin Boat and the flower ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I bought three yards and split it with my friend, Maria, thinking I could go back and get some more. Well, the last time we went there, I looked for it and none was to be found! :( 
I think that's enough for my story. :) I've gone on and on long enough and I'm trying to make sure I get this in before the deadline! 
So I hope I win! :) lol What are the odds!?! :-\ 
Anyway, geez, I DO use that word a lot! lol I had a guy I used to date tell me that once and I thought pish posh, what does he know? Apparently, quite a bit as it turns out! ;) Anyway, ;) lol ... today's plan, now that I've blogged, is to finish cleaning the kitchen from yesterday's cake making mess... and I hope I don't get any new bright ideas while in there... clean the bathroom, maybe some laundry but I'll be happy if I can just get the kitchen done. :) lol
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  1. Fabulous card Ema. LOVE your colours and wonderful design for this great image. Thank you so much for playing along with us at The Paper Shelter this week. hugs, Pat K x

  2. Oh wow Ema you have been a busy lady. Just adore your beautiful and sassy card and the softness of the fabric roses.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. A fabby looking card with great colours. It's smashing! Thanks for playing with us over at the Paper Shelter.
    Love n hugs

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the red, white and black theme. Your coloring is wonderful and your choice of papers is GREAT. I adore how you put those rhinestones in the corners. Beautiful card. Thanks for joining us at The Paper Shelter challenge this week! Hugs, Gail

  5. Wow what a neat card! Love the colors ..
    Funny you chose one of our designs!

    Thank you for participating in The Paper Shelter Challenge this week!

    Hug Lena


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