Friday, April 18, 2014

When is it OK?

Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog! I'm thrilled to announce I've been invited to be a recurring Guest Designer (GD) for Sherri Baldy at My Besties Challenge Blog. This is my first project. I hope you like it! 
I've used a CAS layout and one of my favorite colors, red. I also used a sketch. This is the sketch:
Here is my card:
Here is a close up of the image:
I'd like to enter this card into these challenges:
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Here is my recipe:
This is Sherri Baldy's Img 209.
Copic markers in these colors - 
Reds: RV69, R37, R27, R24
Blacks: 100, N8, N6, N4
Yellows: Y06, Y13
Skin and Eyes: YR00, E00, E000, R20 and E37, E35, E33, E31 
Marvy Gel Pens: Gold and Silver
I glazed the eyes with Glossy Accents. I think those big eyes just beg to be glazed!
Printed card stock: Junkitz Teresa Collins {extreme} Boy
Card stock: from my stash
The sentiment on the inside reads "So long as you have the Fire Department on speed dial." and let me tell you why.

I made this card for my 26 year old daughter, Nina. Yes! I AM old enough to have a 26 year old daughter! I know! Hard to believe. ;) lol I'm just sending her a little hello card and this image made me think of a funny story.

I've always encouraged Nina to live her life however it made her happiest for as long as she could before she chose someone to settle down with and begin a family. I'm afraid some of that may have backfired. :-\ My sisters say she's being picky. I say she has every reason to be selective. She's a fabulous girl! Takes after her momma... ;) lol

I'm well known for always telling people "sounds like a plan" whenever we discuss doing something in the future. I didn't even realize it until a man I once dated quoted me and he followed it with "as she's always saying". Ssooo I started listening to myself for it... and it's true! lol

Anyway, when Nina was about 10 years old, we purchased the makings for a family BBQ. I bravely bought hickory chips. I'd NOT ever used these before and she questioned the purchase. I responded, "I think this sounds like fun and it will work out. Mommy's plans ALWAYS work out." I was a single mom her entire life. I am all of a parent's love she's ever known. So I always made my statements positive to my children. So much so, she once wrote a story about me and in it she wrote that she trusted me to always have the right answers for everything... until she turned 13... I love her honesty... :-\ ... and she wrote this when she was 15! Sixteen was the magic number... it's when I became that annoying mother who didn't know anything. :-\ Until about two years ago... Nina called me because she wanted my opinion about something... I was in awe! :)

Ssooo... anyway... we brought our purchase home and I went to start the BBQ. I read the instructions and started the chips in the grill. I didn't realize it took awhile to start smoking and I got to thinking... if a little bit is good... a lot would be better... even though the bag said... be conservative. Less is more. Yeah, right. So I threw the whole bag in. :) Once it started smoking... I realized... oops! My sister, Eva, lives across the street and at that time, we were her tenants. My son is now buying the house from her but at that time, we were her tenants. She comes racing over to see what was on fire! The neighbor comes over to check if there was a fire, too! By the time it was all over, all the neighbors around us were on their front porch to find out where the fire was at! Haha... I had the grill close to the back door and smoke entered the house. Our home smelled like hickory for weeks! In the meantime, at that moment, I was quick to think of my kids and didn't want them getting scared. I told them, "Mommy's got a plan and if it didn't work out, fire department is on speed dial!" lol

To this day... Nina will not let me live that down. :-\ She doesn't remember my talks to her about abstinence, drugs, drinking and driving but she sure does remember I had a plan and the fire department was on speed dial! :-\ Ssooo... I think she'll get a kick out of it. I'm also writing a personal note to her about my thoughts and love for her. I'm hoping to touch her heart. We shall see. By the way... she's not spoken to me since February 3rd. I read her posts on FB and can read all that's going on in her life... she hasn't thought yet to block me... I send her emails, PMs on FB, cards to her home and, until she changed her phone number and didn't give me the new one, text messages... all go unanswered. It wouldn't be so bad if I at least knew what horrible thing I said or did to deserve this treatment. The last time we spoke was about her inability to move in with her brother and me to help us out financially... temporarily... because as she put it... "When can I live my life?". My response to all this was that I completely understood. *sigh* I tell myself over and over again... this is not personal... this is no reflection on me... this is what's in her heart... but then I ask myself... did I really raise a child to be so hateful and insensitive? She's always been more than I bargained for... but what am I gonna do... I love the silly girl! :) Doesn't she know I'm not immortal? :-\

Ssooo... I kinda want to know though...
when is it OK for a parent to get angry
and respond the same way? I've had near death experiences so I weigh my words carefully before speaking to my children. I don't want the last words they hear from me to be negative. I don't want the last words they hear from me to be filled with anger and hurt... even if it was there... I imagine there would be feelings of guilt and that is not the legacy I want to leave them. Am I wrong? I am after all... an imperfect woman...

I hope you've read the post and enjoyed the card. I often like to bare my soul for bloggers to read and laugh or cry along with me. Mostly, because I believe no one really ever reads my posts. lol This is really my blank page to write a story now and then... just as my header reads. If you knew I often bare my soul, you'd know all about my heartbreaks, near death experiences, CML and seen pictures of my cellulitis. They weren't pretty! ;) lol But I shared them anyway! lol
Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day! :)


  1. Beautiful card, such a sweet image!
    Thank you for your lovely entry at Scrapping4funChallenges.
    Rachelle DT

  2. What a cute card! So glad you're playing along with us at Seize the Sketch!

  3. A super cute card,

    Thanks for joining us at Rhedd & Rosies Challenge Blog.

    Moira DT.xx

  4. Ema, I read through the whole post and I'm sorry about the situation between you and your daughter. I hope that there is reconciliation soon. Also, thanks for sharing your cute card with us at scrapping4funchallenges.

  5. Super cute card and fun image! Thanks for joining us at STS! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing part of your life with me. It was a GREAT read!!!!


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