Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Give Thanks!

Hey, y'all! LoL :)

I have to share my latest make. I have trouble with single images with no background. You'd think I would be OK with them, because I have so many. LoL But that is one reason I go crazy with papers and embellishments. Because I think the image is just so lonely standing there with nothing behind it. So I try creating scenes with die cuts or I go crazy with papers and embellies. Which ever suits my mood at the moment. 

But I discovered something awesome recently. My fabulous discovery actually came about because I signed up for the newsletter at Stamping Bella. I love me my Stamping Bella stamps! <3 <3 <3 I truly do! They have videos showing how to color some of the images. So I followed one of the videos to YouTube and discovered there were a plethora of videos! Yay! Also, color me blind, I discovered these are all from Marker Geek! If I knew her real name, I would tell you that too, but I think I may be looking too hard because I have not been able to find it yet. Soon as I do, I will tell you! I am not very observant either so I do not know if each newsletter is from the same artist. I will have to pay attention going forward. I want to give credit where credit is due. But I subscribed to the Marker Geek channel and that is where I have been viewing my "schooling" videos.

So I have been studying the ones that show how to color backgrounds. I think I am getting it. Here is my second attempt. My first attempt is EMBARRASSING! Really!! So I won't even show it to you! I showed it to my BFF and she thinks it is just as fabulous but... there's a reason she's my BFF! ;) LoL

First, I used an old loved stamp set. I cannot remember the artist and unfortunately, years ago, the original packaging got ripped and I had placed the stamps onto another clear packaging and not labeling it because I knew I would remember it forever and ever. LoL I only remember Hannah. But if you've been crafting as long as I have, maybe you know who I am talking about and can enlighten me if you care to. 

So, anyway, this is an old very loved stamp set. Of course, the entire thing is colored with Copic markers. The tree to the left and the trees in the background were something I picked up from watching the videos. Yay! Also, I have in the past, always had a streaky blue-ish sky because, as it turns out, I have been doing it ALL WRONG! I have been lightly flicking my marker because in all my years of coloring, I have heard the importance of flicking. That's not what is happening on these Marker Geek videos! So I followed how to color the sky and grass area like in the video and look at what I did! LOL :D I did stamp in my leaves and the pumpkins and apples. I tried leaving it blank but I just couldn't do it! Really! I. Could. Not. I then, also thought about adding mountains but I thought I was outgrowing my britches! Cause to be honest, I was gonna just wing it. I have not seen a video of that. I just thought all of a sudden that I knew how to do it. But I had already colored so much and did not want to ruin what I had done so I forced myself to STOP! Teehee!

After all this work, I think I would like to enter it into a couple of challenges:

A Perfect Time to Craft October Challenge

QKR Stampede #453 Anything Goes

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  1. I HAD to enlarge the image to see your colouring, and it's wonderful, great work and love the Autumn subject. A Super card. Thank you so much for joining us in our challenge at QKR Stampede Good Luck and looking forward to seeing you again in our next challenge.
    Faith A DT


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