Rose Tutorial


There are TONS of flower tutorials all over the internet. This is my take on how I make MY flowers.

First step, gather your supplies. If you do not have a spritzer, use a wet sponge inside a container. You'll need to be able to dampen the paper. If you do not have pliers, you can use tweezers or your fingers. If you do not have a skewer, you can use a toothpick or a pencil. The point is you will need something slender with a point. The size of the punch will determine the size of the flower. To show you a clearer picture, I will be using the largest punch in this tutorial.
The "leaves" are made from a heart punch cut in half. I try to punch and cut more "leaves" than I think I will need. 
You will see that after misting one side, the pieces of paper tend to want to curl.
The hearts should be damp and not wet. If they are wet, just wait a little longer to put it together. You want the pieces pliable but not too pliable. As the hearts dry, they will stiffen. If you find these difficult to work with, simply dip your fingers in water and shake off the excess water. The moisture on your fingers will allow the hearts to become pliable once again.

I tear a 1" circle but you can certainly use a punch. Remember, this is using a 1.5" heart. The smaller the heart punch, the smaller the circle.
Now the fun begins! This involves using lots of glue and layering the hearts, alternating between the two.

Now we will make the "center" of the rose and adding it to the base of the flower. You will use this same first five steps to make a rosebud. Do NOT cut the "center" when making a rosebud.

Now we are going to add leaves to our flower.

 You want plenty of glue during this process. You need a little play area.

 This is where that extra glue comes in handy. You'll be able to easily push the leaves out towards the edge of the flower. 


You've got your flower! If you want to learn how to make it look even prettier, read this post.


  1. Thank you for your wonderful Ema, beautiful flowers!
    Hugs Kaija<3

  2. Thanks for the tutorial - Stunning flower!


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