Sunflower Tutorial

This is how I make my handmade sunflowers. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS! :) Sorry... didn't mean to scream at you but I just love these happy flowers! So this is how I make mine and this is probably the third card... and won't be the last time... I've made it using this technique. I've also done this with some daisy stamps I have and someone gifted me a rose stamp and as soon as I find it once again... I'm gonna try it with that stamp... I put it in that bottomless pit I like to call my safe place. :\ Oh, well! 
So, for the sunflower, I start by selecting yellow papers. I don't match them. I think the different colors make for great depth. I then stamp three images. I used my Copic markers this time, but I've also chalks and color pencils that would work just as well to add a richer, deep color and some shading. See here:
I then proceed to cut these out. With each layer, I cut less and less of the image. Once all have been cut, I smooch the flowers up into little wadded balls and then spread them back out. It works better when the paper is damp but I couldn't find my water bottle and I was being way too lazy to get up and get some paper towels. Ha! You get the same look:
Then I generously dab glue in the center of the bottom two layers and cross them so that the petals go in different directions. The one with the least amount of cut out petals is the top layer. You 'll see why here:
Isn't it looking pretty? :) I finish it off by adding Liquid Applique in brown to the center of the flower. I've also added leaves at times and this time, I had this green ribbon and I cut two strips to come out behind it kinda like mimicking leaves:
Easy peasy, right? I hope you'll try this with different flower stamps you may have and pop on over back here and link it for me in the comments so I can see what you've done. Thanks for reading my little tutorial. :)

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