Friday, April 7, 2023

Beccy's Place April Challenge

 Ummmm... I made this card for two reasons. One, to participate in Beccy's Place April challenge and, two, an Easter card for my sister. I will admit, I rushed through this to get it in the mail in time. Took a photo, prepped it to mail and ran to the post office. Came back home to upload it... and discovered... that it did not photograph in lilacs. I think this looks more like shades in pink and that is NOT what I mailed. I did not check the photo before heading off to the post office. But IRL and in the correct lighting, the eggs and ribbon are lilac. I even tried editing the lighting and contrast and it just kept getting pinker! What a dilemma! 

This is the freebie Beccy offered up for the challenge and I colored it with Copic markers and a white gel pen. I used the colors in the inspirational photo. 


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